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The TJ Award is one of our club's highest honor.  

Tyler Johnson was a player and a coach at Tahoma, leading Tahoma to state titles both as a coach and a player. Tyler helped create the Maple Valley Lacrosse Club and is considered a contributing founder.  This award (and scholarship for seniors) has been established in his honor. The criteria for this award is based on respect for one another including: teammates, coaches, referees and opposing teams. Someone who plays with passion and give 100% effort at all times.


(This award was given to both boys and girls through 2015. Beginning 2016, there is a separate award for girls - the Madison Casey Award)


2023 2022
 (3/4 Gold)

 (3/4 Blue)

(3/4 Black)

 (5/6 Gold)

 (5/6 Blue)


  (Varsity Boys)
 Henry Sawyer (3/4 Gold)

Kash Kitzke (3/4 Blue)

Lucas Allen (3/4 Black)

 Levi Leh (5/6 Gold)

 Sam Chamberlain  (7/8)

Mason Scott  (Varsity Boys)
2021 2020

Nash Carothers (3/4 Gold)

Quaid Morrow (3/4 Blue)

Max Peacock (5/6 Gold)

Deacon Carothers (5/6 Blue)

Gene Church (7/8)

 Thomas Brannon (Varsity Boys)



      Due to Covid-19, no TJ awards         were given. 


2019 2018

Boden Smith (3/4 Gold)

Keegan Halstead (3/4 White)

Jack Sawyer (3/4 Blue)

Jack Cacciola (5/6 Gold)

Wyatt Stanley (5/6 Blue)

Jake Wynecoop (7/8)

Mason Scott (JV)

Keenan Kontaratos (Varsity Boys)

Bryce Taylor (3/4 Blue)

Blake Hershberger (3/4 Gold)

Isaac Fox (5/6)

Donavan Kaapana (7/8)

Taylor Berry (JV)

Cameron Bentley (Varsity Boys)

2017 2016

 Jonah Peters (3/4 Gold)

Kolby Richardson (3/4 Blue)

Sean Callahan (5/6 Gold)

Ryder Sloan (5/6 Blue)

 Ethan Gillman (7/8 Gold)

Sloan Cunningham (7/8 Blue)

Nick Cacciola (JV)

Ben Kindgren (Varsity Boys)

Jurettee Mason (5/6 Gold)

Braden Adams (5/6 Blue)

Joe Connelly (7/8 Gold)

Tyler Bowman (JV)

Wyatt Philpot (Varsity Boys)




2015 2014

Gideon Alegado (3/4 Gold)

Nick Cyr (3/4 Blue)

Carson Turner (5th Blue)

Sam Wargo (6th Gold)

Marcus Sansaver (7/8B)

Conner Lund (7/8A)

Tim Hogan (JV)

Brody Sullivan (Varsity Boys)

Mollie Dagonese (5/6 Girls)

Madie Fabie (Varsity Girls)

Dayton Sloan (5/6 Blue)

Andy DeBoldt (5/6 White)

Luke Michel (5/6 Gold)

Will Landrey (7/8B)

Dylan Vita (7/8A)

Adam Wulfing (C)

Keegan Sullivan (JV)

Joe Donahue (Varsity Boys)


Sophie Wulfing (Varsity Girls)

2013 2012

Gabe Kindgren (3/4)

Tim McGonegle (5/6 Gold)

Bret Berry (5/6 Blue)

Trace Bishop (5/6 White)

Layne West (7/8)

Jeffrey Hostetter (7/8)

Jacob Kutch (JV)

Joe Pedro (Varsity Boys)

Ashley Gowdey (Varsity Girls)

Carson Besst (3/4)

Tyler Powell (5/6)

Nate Simmons (5/6)

Dalton Whelan (5/6)

Matthew Simmons (7/8)

Dominick Barger (7/8)

Wyatt Philpott (7/8)

Justin Ross (Boys Varsity)

Kaitlyn Dige (Girls Varsity)