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Buy your GTech Sport Products through Tahoma Lacrosse!


What are the GTech Sport Products?

GTech Sport Antimicrobial Spray is an antimicrobial spray inhibiting germs and bacterial odor

containing only four ingredients making it skin friendly. Unlike disinfectants or air fresheners, it

leaves a long lasting antimicrobial protective layer on the surface. GTech Sport Spray is great to use

on the road, after a game, at the gym, and in locker rooms. Spray hard and soft surfaces generously

allowing it to dry completely before wearing or using your gear and apparel.

How it works:



GTech Sport Antimicrobial Detergent is the leading concentrated antimicrobial detergent clinically

engineered for ALL dri-fit apparel, Lululemon, athletic wear, uniforms, and technical fabrics. Regular

detergents have additives that can affect the breathability and performance of fabrics. GTech Sport

antimicrobial detergent allows the fabric to perform as intended while eliminating those stubborn

odors. One cap full is sufficient for a small load. Two to three caps is necessary for larger loads. It

works well on high efficient washers, too.


How do I order?

It is simple. Just go to the website and enter "TAHOMA" at the end when placing your order.  You will get a fantastic product and Tahoma Lacrosse will earn 20% on all purchases.