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The Madison Casey Award is our girl's program highest honor

Madison Casey was an amazing lacrosse player, coach and friend of the club. She selflessly devoted so much of her time to enrich the lives and lacrosse experience for all ages of the girls in the program.  Madison had an infectious smile and girls who were coached by her were touched in the most profound and positive way.  This award (and scholarship for seniors) has been established in her honor. The criteria for this award is having a positive attitude, possessing lacrosse skill, displaying leadership, sportsmanship and solid academics.

(Note: prior to 2016, the girls were awarded the TJ Award, details are here)







2023 2022





Anistyn Alldredge (3/4)

 Hadley Peterson (5/6)

Aarna Jain (7/8)

 Jessica Larsen (Varsity)

2021 2020

Lilian Dib (3/4)

Addison Smith (5/6)

Torunn Smith (7/8)

Rachel Simmons (Varsity)


Due to Covid-19, 

no Madison Casey awards were given.

2019 2018

Maya Nielsen (3/4)

Elisabeth Horst (5/6)

Gillian Horst (7/8)

Lily Kindgren (Varsity)

Taylee Alldredge (5/6 )

Jessica Larsen (7/8)

Jordan Usselman (Varsity)

2017 2016

Emma Wolf (3/4)

Odessa Wood (7/8)

Raven Velasquez (Varsity)

Valerie Burdge (5/6 )

Sophie Casey (7/8)

Tiffany Adams (Varsity)