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Proposed By-Laws changes for upcoming general membership meeting....




Voting by Members

Only one vote per family is allowed regardless of the number of players registered under the family unit.


Voting for all open Board positions will be held according to the properly announced voting schedule, which is to be approved 30 days prior to the annual meeting, or by vote of any scheduled general membership meeting, held least 30 days prior to the proposed  annual membership meeting, or special general membership meeting. 


Schedule and Communication of Motions and Votes

The annual general membership meeting must be held between the last week of league games during the spring season, and before the last day of the Tahoma School District school year.  The notice of the annual membership meeting and any general membership meeting will be communicated via email to all members and posted on the Tahoma Lacrosse website.  This email communication must take place in three waves:


1.    The vote schedule shall be communicated 30 days in advance of proposed vote.

2.    The candidate nominations and/or Motions, of general membership must be communicated 15 days in advance of the vote. Additional candidate nominations can be accepted until the general meeting, and should be posted as they are accepted.

3.    A reminder email of the general membership meeting must be made within 5-7 days of the scheduled vote.


The communication to each member will only be sent to the current season email list.  Emails on file from previous seasons will be deleted at the start of the new spring season.   It is the responsibility of the Member to confirm that the correct email address is on file with Tahoma Lacrosse Club.  The club Secretary and/or club Registrar shall be responsible for maintaining the general member mailing list. 


Board candidate nominations and any Motions for general membership approval must be filed no less than 30 days in advance of any Board or General Membership meeting.  Candidate Nominations and Motions proposed pending a vote shall be posted on the Tahoma Lacrosse website and mailed or emailed to all club members at least 15 days prior to the vote.  Additional candidate nominations can be accepted until the general meeting, and should be posted to the website as they are accepted. In the event the member does not have email, the member may request a mailed copy of candidate nominations and pending motions before a vote at the general membership meeting.  The option for mailed notifications must be requested in writing by the member, otherwise they automatically acknowledge access to club information via the club’s website. 


Voting will be conducted by balloting of each Member at the annual general meeting or any general meeting scheduled in accordance with club Bylaws.  The Secretary and/or Registrar will administer voting ballots and conduct the voting process.  All Board of Director positions will require a vote participation that equals or exceeds 50% the club membership, based on the total membership of the current season or immediate past season.  Special Motions or any Motion put to the vote of the general membership shall require voting by no less than half the membership.  Membership shall be constituted by the number of Members during the current season, or most recent season passed.  In the event a quorum is not in attendance for the vote, the club will hold elections and/or a vote on proposed motion(s) via electronic ballot. All Board of Director positions and Motions of general membership shall require a majority vote of the General Membership in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.



Article 6: Coaches 

A.    Coaches shall be appointed by the Board of Directors through the recommendations of the Boys Program Director, Girls High School and Youth Director, and/or Boys Youth Coordinator. 

B.    All head coaches must be at least twenty-one (21) eighteen (18) years of age.  All assistant coaches will be selected by their respective head coaches and must meet the Board approval. 

 Evaluation, discipline or removal will follow the process found in Article 7 and Appendix A (adaptation of Article IV of the Tahoma School District Tahoma Education Association-Coaches contract).