Growing the sport of lacrosse in the Tahoma School District since 1999.

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Tahoma (Maple Valley) Lacrosse History

The Maple Valley Lacrosse Club was founded by coach Vern Smith in the spring of 1999 with one experienced player and 18 “rookies”. That first team competed in the state’s high school B Division. No previous first year team had ever had a winning season, qualified for the state playoffs, or won the state championship. Maple Valley finished the regular season with 9 wins and 1 loss. They defeated Port Angeles High School 6-5 in the playoffs and won the state B Division with a 9 – 6 win over Nathan Hale High School.

Because it was a new team, Maple Valley competed in the B Division again in 2000 rather than move to the A division (now called Division I). The team grew to 37 players and finished the regular season with a 12-2 record. They again defeated Pt. Angeles (8-1) in the playoffs. In the state finals they defeated Nathan Hale in sudden death overtime, 7-6.

In 2001, Maple Valley’s “A team” was moved up to division A (now called Division 1) and we added a B high school team to accommodate the large number of players turning out. The league no longer allows teams to compete in the A and B division, so now our players play in JV and Frosh/Soph leagues.

Since the beginning, lacrosse has grown by leaps and bounds in Maple Valley, adding new teams almost yearly. In 2002, Maple Valley added a middle school team that 2 years later nearly went undefeated and competed in the State Championship game at Seahawk Stadium/Qwest Field in 2004, and came in 2nd to their season rival, Bainbridge Island. In 2003, Maple Valley added a girl’s high school team. In 2004, Maple Valley added a youth team for players in grades 4, 5, and 6. In 2005, Maple Valley added a middle school girls team.

In 2006, Maple Valley added 4 teams, one each at the four Tahoma Elementary Schools for 3rd & 4th graders and purchased Lacrosse Gear for use at the grade schools.

In 2009, the Maple Valley Lacrosse Club was re-named the Tahoma Lacrosse Club. This club is independent of and receives no financial support from the Tahoma School District.

In 2010, the Tahoma Lacrosse Club added teams for students in grades Kindergarten thru 2nd grade at each of the 4 elementary schools in the Tahoma School District.

Over the years much of our success has been built on the hard work of our high school varsity players who pay back the sport in many ways, including coaching our younger teams.