Growing the sport of lacrosse in the Tahoma School District since 1999.

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2022 2021
MVP Offense: MVP Offense: Sam Wargo
MVP Defense: MVP Defense: Quinn Tracy
Most Improved: Most Improved: Isaac Ballard
Tyler Johnson Award: Tyler Johnson Award: Thomas Brannon
Vern Smith Award: Vern Smith Award:Gideon Alegado
2019 2018
MVP Offense: Cam Bentley MVP Offense: Carter Warm  
MVP Defense: Bret Berry and Conner Lund MVP Defense: Carter McDaniels
Most Improved: Brayden Day Most Improved: Declan Nolan
JV Boys JV Boys
MVP Offense: Ryan Kim MVP Offensive: Brooks Bacon
MVP Defense: Miles Person MVP Defensive: Garrett Sauerwein
Most Improved: Sergei Gaylord Most Improved: Lukas Moreau
2017 2016
MVP Offense: Matty Taylor MVP Offense: Trevor Larsen  
MVP Defense: Thomas Scofield MVP Defense: Macen Granlund
Most Improved: Elijah Walker & Bret Berry Most Improved: Parker Swank
Vern Smith Sportsmanship: Tyler Bowman Vern Smith Sportsmanship: Tim Hogan
JV Boys JV Boys
MVP Offensive: Joe Connelly MVP Offensive: Carter Warm
MVP Defensive: Tyler Sauerbier MVP Defensive: Connor Lund
  Most Improved: Najee Frazier
2015 2014
Varsity Boys Varsity Boys
MVP Offense: Hudson Taylor MVP Offense:  Hudson Taylor
MVP Defense:  Macen Granlund MVP Defense:  Chad Hedlund
Most Improved: Eli Pryzchoden Most Improved:  Brayden Sauerbier
Vern Smith Sportsmanship: Keegan Irby

Vern Smith Sportsmanship: Brennan Lundquist

JV Boys JV Boys
Offensive: Lucas McCabe  Offensive : Justin Gormley, Keegan Sullivan
Defensive: Jeffrey Hostetter  Defensive: Cam Hansen
Most Improved: Parker Swank  
2013 2012
Varsity Boys Varsity Boys
MVP Offense:  Hudson Taylor MVP Offense:  Desmond Decker
MVP Defense:  Chad Hedlund MVP Defense:  Jory Simpson
Most Improved:  Kyle Dige Most Improved:  Joe Donohue
Vern Smith Sportsmanship: Blake Lucky  
Offensive Player : Justin Gormley  
Defensive Player: Jake Harkins